Monday, July 3, 2017

Five Skills in the Science of Happiness

A project manager for Van Acker Construction Associates in Mill Valley, California since 2006, Covey Cowan is committed to helping people, as individuals and in teams, succeed. Covey Cowan has studied the science of happiness.

There are several online courses available that teach the science of happiness. One program that was featured in both the New York Times and Forbes Magazine is a website called Happify, which claims to deliver the most cutting-edge research on happiness to its subscribers.

Happify identifies five skills that are essential to elevate mood and produce greater happiness. Savoring life’s sweet and fruitful moments is recommended to increase optimism and alleviate depression. Gratitude is second on the list. Being appreciative and thanking someone promotes self-confidence and well-being.

Aspiring to reach a a goal makes life more purposeful and fulfilling. Generosity is a positive force as well, since the giver can take pleasure in the happiness of others. Finally, empathy allows us to understand the problems of others, and this understanding leads to friendships and a fuller social life.